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Home Mobile Apps (iOS) iPad - DoF Calculator

Photographic Depth Of Field Calculator

The iPad Application calculates the Depth Of Field of a photography.

The depth of field of a photography depends on the following factors [metric system]:
All values can be set by sliders or by using the entry fields.

1.) Distance to the subject [m]
2.) Focal Length [mm]
3.) Aperture [f/k]
4.) Circle of Confusion [mm]

The Circle of Confusion (maximum acceptable blur spot) is defined by the sensor size and pixel amount/size/pitch:

  • FF         Full Frame (e.g. EOS 5D Mark II)
  • APS-H   (e.g. EOS 1D Mark IV)
  • APS-C   (e.g. EOS 7D)
  • 4:3        Four-Thirds-Standard (e.g. Olympus E-1)
  • SS         Small Sensor (Compact Cameras)

The program calculates the following values:

Depth of Field:
Everything within the depth of field will be in focus.

Hyperfocal Distance:
If the lens is focused to that distance then everything from half of the hyperfocal distance to infinity will be in focus. This is especially interesting for landscape photography where the maximum depth of field needs to be achieved.

Near and Far Limit:
Defines the nearest and farthest point in focus.

In Front and Behind of Subject:
Because of the asymmetrical nature of the depth of field the distance in focus in front of the subject is different to that behind of it.