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VST- & AU-PlugIns

Below you'll find a couple of VST (Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology) and AU (Apple Audio Unit) plug-ins which implement different audio signal processing algorithms optimized for minimum CPU load and usability on VST- and AU-Hosts with low latency.

Testing has been done by using Cubase LE 5 as VST-Host and Apple Logic as AU-Host.

All plug-ins use the jVSTwRapper ( for the reason that I'm doing the plug-in development in JAVA and not by using the native C++ programming language.

It can happen that in different VST-Hosts the plug-in window behavior isn't as expected. In such cases change the configuration within the *.ini file which can be located in the plug-in folder (Windows only):
1.) Attach the plug-in window to the native VST-Host window: AttachToNativePluginWindow=1
2.) Make sure that the plugin uses its own window: AttachToNativePluginWindow=0

Plug-in Installation:

Windows VST:
Just unzip the dedicated ZIP-File and copy the plug-in folder into your VST plug-in directory.

Apple Mac OS Audio Units and VSTs:
1.) Unzip the dedicated ZIP-File
2.) Copy *.vst to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
3.) Copy *.component to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

Important: To use the Audio Units you need to copy the *.vst as well.


Several Plug-Ins (Reverb, Compressor, Limiter, Stereo Imager & Ambiophonics) are now used within the JAVA-Based Digital Audio Workstation javaDAW by Midiworks.


This Software is provided "as-is", without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software except for commercial use.
Please contact me if there is a wish for a commercial implementation.


Spring Reverb: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in emulates a spring reverb by applying the Finite Elements method.

Guitar Amp Simulator: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in implements a simulation of a tube guitar amplifier.



Ambiophonic Transcoder: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in implements Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Elimination (RACE).
Ambiophonics and RACE have been invented by the Ambiophonics Institute (


Parametric Equalizer: (Detailed description & download)

A full parametric equalizer providing the following filter types:

+ EQ (standard peak equalizer)
+ Low Shelf
+ High Shelf
+ Low Pass
+ High Pass
+ Band Pass
+ Notch


Small Speaker Bass Enhancer: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in uses a technology called phantom fundamental which was already known to pipe organ builder hundreds of years ago.


Reverb: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in implements a reverb by using a Feedback Delay Network (FDN).


Tap Delay: (Detailed description & download)

The application implements a Tap Delay by calculating the BPM from the button or space-key clicks.


Gonio- & Correlation-Meter: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in implements two important stereo monitoring tools:
1.) Goniometer (Vector Scope)
2.) Correlation-Meter


Spectrum Analyzer & Oscilloscope: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in implements two monitoring tools:
1.) Spectrum Analyzer for a frequency range of 50Hz - 20kHz
2.) Oscilloscope with a time base of 5ms


Dynamic Compressor: (Detailed description & download)



BrickWall Limiter: (Detailed description & download)



Vintage Tube Warmer/Maximizer: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in adds harmonic distortions (as created in tube amplifier and limiter) to create a more dense sound.



Stereo Imager: (Detailed description & download)

The plug-in enables independent adjustment of the center and side signals.